Characters 2

Ulla from my story Umbra is asexual

Juju-Ru from Kikala’s Bite was going to be trans

The characters from Golden Grove Grove Academy are two males. As seen by the cover i made. The main character is black, and he is gay. His boyfriend is white

Making it an interracial couple but the story does revolve around that.

A great majority of my characters of sexualites that are defined because why the hell not have a bunch homosexuals and transsexuals.

Writing about straight people with one set personalities is boring and you almost never read or hear about them.

There are animated characters and comic book characters that are gay or undefined. And they are fine. They are still fine even if someone told you.

Because it’s not important to the plot but it does identify the character as different and unique in a way

There is a webcomic called homestuck that has bisexual characters both human and alien.

So i write my characters as realistic as possible. Not even the world itself 100% full of people who identifies with their gender or straight but no one accepts it from what i see on tumblr. It’s no a huge big deal. So why not!

Sorry, i kinda went on a rant


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