Umbra 2

Dona was keeping an eye out from the window. A nice man agreed to take us in, shelter us from the villagers.

I would rather be afraid of being burned, then be attacked for my flesh. Dona talked about how we had to get away from this place, move somewhere safe. She talked around how her biggest fear was to be place on a wall.

Witch bones are used for ornaments. Some wear them for fashion or just to show that they murdered a witch. The first ever killed was a child born between human and witch.

“He’s back!”, she cried out and raced towards the door to let him in. He removed his rain coat that was dripping with water and put it on the rack.

“Sorry if i was gone long. Ethan asked for some help on the farm”, he said. “Oh, and Ulla i brought you back what you needed”

He walked over to the couch to hand over the item. I smiled and thanked him. “I’ll cook tonight for you mister”, said Dona. “You’ve done it three nights in a row”

“Oh, don’t trouble yourself child, i don’t mind cooking”

He was old, with a snowy beard that reached passed his neck. He was a rather short man with deep wrinkles and great nose. He often limped as he was missing a foot so the doctors carved a foot out of wood and shaped it like a peg, they shoved it inside the limb. Over time it started to turn black from infection.

I unwrap the gift he had handed me. A nicely made flute from glass. I was testing out new magical items. Dona had a broom and I was still trying to find my tool, I tried a broom once, it burned when I touched it. A sign of a magic rejection. Something has to match my level exactly for me to use it.

It doesn’t always have to be a broom. It could be a normal object like a pan and spoon, or pen. Even a pair of scissors would do.

Everything has a magic response.

“Dona dear, can you go fetch me my pills from upstairs”, he called for her.

“Yes sir”

I passed my finger along the flute, admiring it for it’s detail. I was instructed by my mother how to play the flute.

I jumped when i found out a shriek from upstairs. I wrapped the flute back up in the cloth and hurried. I ran into the bathroom to see Dona standing on the bathroom counter. “Be gone you foul thing!”, she shouted and flicked her magic at it. She missed every shot.

I let out a short giggle and grabbed the mouse by the tail. “I’ll just get this away from you”, I said to her. She came down from the counter, grabbed the pills from the medicine cabinet. She fixed her dress and blue blouse, she looked at me and pointed a finger. “Thank you”, she said and walked passed me.

“What should i do with this?” I asked.

“Turn it into whatever you wish, make a potion from rat tails. I don’t care”

“I need seven to make one!”

Once Dona cooked we sat down and ate. The man farmed a few chicken and pigs. So Dona made what she could out of them. It wasn’t much. Chicken and eggs with pig feet soak in honey.

I didn’t have the taste buds but i can’t go on with an empty stomach. Honey glazed pig feet was never a taste that i could stomach.

“So… Ulla, my girl, how old are you?”

“Eighteen sir”

“Legal, and you’re not married?”

“I’ve never wished for it”, I said.

“Do you find future in the same sex?”

“No sir”

“So you find nothing in man or woman?”

I shook my head. It was just a thing my body never responded to, my father once said it was just a phased i was going through, but it was certain that had I no feeling for either sex. It didn’t mean i didn’t like romance, in fact sex seemed… alien to me.

“Don’t worry Ulla you’ll find somebody”, said Dona.

I doubted it. It didn’t worry me or anything. I was perfectly fine.

“Well… maybe one day you’ll meet a man that changes your mind”

Not when every man wants my blood and flesh. The thought of being served at a dinner table was a frightening thing. The Ulla special, makes you feel 30 years younger.

“I know it’s difficult because you’re seen as a meal ticket to life but it gets better”, he said.

“Do you ever wish for life mister?” Dona asked.

“Ho, Ho, I’ve lived a long life. Probably even longer without my wife”, he joked. “I miss her to be honest”

“What was your wife like?”, I asked next.

“She was a gentle woman when she wasn’t trying to chase me with a knife. Her name was Sonia and she would have loved you Ulla”, he smiled. “We never got to have children…”

Dona and I shared a look. “But enough of about me! I haven’t learned a thing about the two of you”

“Well, Ulla and I are childhood friends. We both lived in the woods most our lives”

“Ulla?”, he looked at me.

“Oh? Um… my mother practiced witchcraft. My father took care of me most my life after her death… she was burned” I looked down at the table, i didn’t know my mother all that well. My father died of illness due to a curse.

He looked at me with compassion as he patted my hand. I smiled and my head turned to the sound of a knocking at the door.

“Who could that be this late?”, he said as he got up and went to open the door. Dona got up and grabbed the broom from the wall. She grabbed my wrist tightly.

“Can i help you?”, we both froze, my heart pounded against my ribs as he hit the ground.

Dona squeezed my wrist as she bounced a ball of magic in her hand. The mystery person walked through the door with his rifle aimed at us.

“Don’t… move… witches”

Dona through her magic at the man and pulled me along as she ran up stairs. “Dona?”

“There isn’t a way out but through the window…”

We locked ourselves in the room upstairs. She told me to hide under the bed. I heard the foot steps and under the bed i could see her ready her magic. “Don’t kill anyone…”, i whispered.

“I’m sorry Ulla”

The man forced open the door, Donna flicked her magic at him but i could still see his feet moving towards her.


Run… Dona

I heard the sounds of her using her broom as a weapon, they struggled. He head butted her then took his gun and shot her twice in the head.


My body shivered… I couldn’t tell if it was fear or anger that made me shake. The bed, flipped, revealing my hiding spot. He grabbed me by the collar of my neck.

“The special one”, he licked his lips. “You’ll go great with stew”

I struggled in his hold. “Don’t try that piggy, you’ll make me upset”

I put my hand over his face and felt it turn warm. He tried to shake it off and finally let me go when it became too much, he stared at me with his face red hot and burnt.

“Your face!”

My appearance showed just how ugly I could be when angry. Witches aren’t all pretty…

I took Dona’s broom hit him across the face with the stick, then i snapped my finger. The man caught fire, screaming in pain.

I picked up Dona’s body and went downstairs. I won’t let her body be eaten, I’ll bury her properly.


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