Privilege 3

Being raised by humans was hard on Sasha, when her mother stopped her from eating tulips she threw a tantrum as most fae will do. Fae throw tantrums for various reasons, older fae tend to scream alot.

Sasha was like her dear mother, Spite, who dropped the biggest tantrum at the lost of their daughter. Her lips had been sown shut by the dwarfs. No longer could she scream nor eat, this was punishment for all the evil deeds she had done.

Lovett wasn’t happy about it either. Her tantrum’s were worse. Spite was even scared of her wife, she was determined to find their child. Hopefully not taken by huemans. Oh, the disgusting creatures, that could never tend to a fae child.

Lovett made it a goal to get her back before the worse was to come. She was not in the forest, so her worst fears were true and that she was out of the fae realm.

Spite admired how her wife walked with such grace in her stride. Lovett was a nice fae, but a strict one, she went to the dwarf’s hold and demanded to know about her child.

“WHERE DWARF!”, she yelled as she grabbed a dwarf by the neck and swung him out of her sight. “Where is my child!”

The little men had never caught a fae so angry. Her white eyes that were calm, were now made full with rage that no one but Spite could understand.

Lovett kicked one of the little men to the ground and stepped on him. ” Tu esta fae lung. Do not tempt me dwarf!” She warned. “I will do worse than my wife ever could”

Sasha sat in class staring out the window. She felt something soft hit her in the head. It was a paper ball. “Freak”, the student said.

“Why?”, she stated.

“Because you’re a freak!”

“How does that help you. Does throwing things at me, make me less of a freak? Does this punishment change anything for you and me. Because I don’t see how this in any way pleases you”

She sucked the fun out of the bullies for her riddles. She was a sturdy girl, but really she didn’t understand, and what she didn’t understand didn’t hurt her feelings.

Sasha was 5’11 she was a rather tall girl and athletic. She did softball, track, and after school she boxed.

At school, she still ate tulips because someone would set them in her locker. She wish they didn’t intrude on her privacy like that. It was rather rude, but the idea behind it was nice. Her hueman mother was trying to switch her diet, and frankly making her ill.

Sasha thought she was trying to kill her, her brown tone was lighter and her eyes had black circles. She was becoming like Spite.

When Sasha came home, her father dumped a bunch of chores on her to do. “Sasha I’ve seen your room, fix it”

“What’s wrong with it?”, she looked at her father with a straight forward expression.

“What’s wrong with it? It’s filthy!”, he shouted at her. “My boss is coming over and i want everything to look nice”

“Will your boss be in my room? Will dinner partake in my room? Will there be any company besides me in my room?”

“Sasha, don’t give me lip”, her father said sternly.

“No”, she said.

Her mother came from the kitchen to try and reason with her daughter. “Sasha, dear, please do as your father says”


It was simply a no and the level of defiance that made her father want to do more than yell at her. They spent a good hour arguing back and forward. Her father was red in the face with rage. “Tina, i told you we should have left the child back at the park!”


“She’s been nothing but trouble since we’ve had her. She thinks she knows so much more”

“I do know more”, said Sasha, “You shouldn’t feel less because your daughter better than you. You want everything your way, but how do you know your way will get you to better places. How does forcing me to do things for your sake do anything other but sicken me or stress me out. It’s because you embarrassed of me”

“Sasha, dear no, we aren’t embrass–”

“I am. I am embarrassed of you. You eat grass for God sakes”


God was a word that was strange to any Fae, her parents were known as Christians, and they tried to get her to go to church but Fae don’t like to be kept in one place unless it home. It makes a fae feel trap and paranoid.

“See Tina, the girl doesn’t even believe! Just a devil child!”

“Daniel stop!”

“Go to your room! I don’t wanna look at your face!”



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