My attempts at making book covers. The pen name is different on these because i had planned to put them on wattpad



Zilya’s Silly Clock Patch: About a girl in Russian who lives in her grandmother’s home, she worked on clocks and kept many around the house. Zilya’s grandmother kept the clocks working and when she passed it was her responsibility to keep the clocks synched. One clock, a coo coo clock is out of sync and goes off at odd off at off hours. When Zilya gets tried of fixing the clock, she opens up the time zone where time is monitored and controlled. Her breaking of the clock as caused a sever loop. With the help of Patrick Time Tables, Zilya must find whatever is really causing the devaju

Golden Grove Academy: Antony and Theo attend Golden grove academy, Theo usually helps Antony with his medication. When he starts taking new meds from a school drop out. He experiments the strangest side affects.


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