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Lawful: Children who live in the wastelands and children who live in the city. The children in the city are made into lethal weapons to actually fight the children of the wastelands for entertainment.

The children of the wastelands make a vaccine for themselves to withstand the Children of the city. When the children of the wasteland realize how strong the vaccine is, they make a plan to march into the main city and take it over.


Boycott: In Rebullum Nation, the president has an ideal. That ideal is about perfection and replacing a large amount of his country with artificially made humans that are directly controlled by the government.

Pills are a large use in Rebullum, associated with colors, they are known as Spectrum Pills. A small rebellion known as Boycott has discovered the use of these pills. And plan to use the most forbidden pill on a young girl, as a secret weapon


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