Privilege 2

Lovett and Spite were two species of fairy that were a lot bigger, but didn’t know human speech like most do. The new species came in two colors, dark and light.

Lovett was literally the shade of night, body bathe in black sand. Spite, not her original name, was a pale lifeless tone compared to her wife.

Spite was the color she was because she was a dead fae, dead faes have no tone. And they also like to munch on varies small fairies. Lovett was a gentle person, a peaceful individual, she enjoyed the part of the forest they dwelled in especially with their child who they fondly named Sasha. Spite tried to get her to eat just like her but Lovett wouldn’t allow it and thought of feeding the child tulips like her.

Sasha had Spite’s eyes, a deep black color. Eventually the kid would grow into her own color but she was mixed, they just had to see what her skin would be. Rather, she would be the color of night like her or, pale and dead like Spite.

The two females were indeed married as such was common, there were no male fairies like them. Homosexuality was always assured, the two kept rings to mimic the humans, both inscribed with their names. And a ring for their baby girl.

Spite usually watched her while Lovett was out wandering the human world. While she was away Spite would invade the smaller fairies village. It was frightening when a fairy, half the size of a tree would come plucking you up from the ground and biting your wings off then eating you whole.

The fairies were size of a human palm and for Spite, they were bite size.

Spite decided to take Sasha out of the forest for a while. Lovett warned her wife not to, she asked as nicely as she could to leave the child at home. Always remain the child at home.

The day she took Sasha from the dwelling, would be her last. Spite looked at her child, she was a big baby with tight curls and a small beauty mark under her eye.

She tickled her feet, kissed her cheek and munched on a sack of kidnap fairies.

She had Sasha in her lap, while she slept under a tree. She couldn’t hear the dwarfs approaching but it was the sound of a cry that woke her up. They took her little girl and hovered an axe over her. Spite jumped up and grabbed one of the dwarf and swung it into a tree.

Another one tried to make off with little Sasha, she let out a ear splitting scream. Her fair mother ran off the small man, beating him with his own axe. She picked up her baby which cooed then went dead silent at the sudden axe that was thrown perfectly at the fairy’s eye. Spite covered her eye so Sasha wouldn’t see, a young fae is sensitive to such things and is easily scared.

“Kill the fairy!”, the chief shouted.

“Asah tán nu wa! Why you do this?”

“You have eaten your last fairy beast!”

“Fae nas su… kin mesa?”

The dwarfs ran up to her. Spite held Sasha close while she ran, she felt a piercing pain in her lower back. She dropped Sasha on the ground and they mounted her back, tying her feet and hands.

Spite couldn’t move, her feet bound and her child…. her child. She was worried the girl was hurt. She let out a screech, no response.

One dwarf picked her up and thought of killing it, but decided against it. Let her rot in the human world. When he looked down at the spawn, her eyes were black and face was like stone.

The event had traumatized the child.

She would grow up silent, unable to use her tongue. She just watched her mother be dragged away from her. The last thing that Sasha heard was a piercing scream that made her ears bleed.

She was put in the human realm far from her parents. Sasha was cold… a little hungry. The dwarf emptied a bag of fairy bones on her for a laugh.

When she finally saw a dirty face pick her up, she thought in her little mind, it was mother. But her face was not cracked like glass and she did not wear her cracked crown upon her head.

Who was this woman?

She screamed offending the woman’s ears. She covered the girl’s mouth, but then she couldn’t breathe.

She placed the child back on the ground once a couple apprached thinking she was hurting her.

“Get away from that child!”, the woman yelled.

The next woman was nice, she looked like mother. “Let’s get you out of that pile of filth little one”

Sasha couldn’t see her face, but she could hear her voice. And it was wonderful.


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